Nov 5, 2012

Le Cordon Bleu 已在大马双威!

The world's premier cooking school, Le Cordon Bleu is considered to be the guardian of French Culinary technique through its culinary programmes that continue to preserve and pass on the mastery and appreciation of the culinary arts that have been the cornerstone of French gastronomy for over 500 years.

The famed global culinary organization is now on Malaysian shores. The prestigious education pedigree is now linked with the Sunway Education Group to create dynamic culinary education opportunities here in Malaysia and South East Asia. Through our international faculty of Master Chefs and industry professionals, Le Cordon Bleu Malaysia had began to apply the Blue Ribbon's distinctive teaching methodology in their inaugural term since January 2012. 

 世界首位的烹饪学校, 蓝带国际学院一直都是法国烹饪技术的守护者, 以超过500年的烹饪艺术基石和卓越的烹饪课程持续保留, 传递和掌握了升值的烹饪技术.

如今全球著名的烹饪组织现已抵达大马, 与双威教育集团创建动态的烹饪教育机会, 在马来西亚和东南亚久负盛名的教育谱系. 通过我们的主厨和业内专业人士的国际教师, 蓝带国际学院, 马来西亚会在其首个任期自2012年1月开始申请蓝丝带的独特教学方法

有兴趣者不妨联络 Ms Sherlyn Lee, Marketing Executive
Tel: 03-5632 1188 或 电邮至 

很精致的欢迎甜点, 一看就爱上!! 尤其是那小小几颗的马卡龙, 可爱之余也超好吃!!

总经理, Ming为我们讲解关于一些蓝带学院的教学方式和课程

幽默搞笑的他们, 让整个烹饪示范都充满生气和欢笑!
左: 技术总监 Chef Frank Bruwier
右: 烘焙主管 Chef Tierry Lerallu

Chef Frank Bruwier开始讲解关于法国的烹饪的特色
也介绍了当天会示范给大家的一道法式派 ~Vol Au Vent A La Parisienne

接近1个小时的烹饪和烘焙, 多层次美味的法式派就准备好!
在一旁的我们, 只闻香味就已开始垂涎啦....当然迫不及待要试吃,
这么多层次口感味道的肉派,  我还是第一次尝试, 真的是大开眼界啊!

在示范会里遇见久闻Quay Po, 就如部落格里的她, 和蔼可亲, 平易近人..
在部落格里混了许久, 跟熟悉的博客见面就好像老朋友相聚,

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  1. Ah Tee,

  2. Tee~

  3. I cannot believe I missed this.. sigh.. the giant vol-au-vent looked absolutely yummy!!!

  4. Forget the rest, I was stuck on the chocolates at the beginning! Early afternoon sweet cravings. :-)

    1. Monica, u'll definitely pick up some when u see these!!

  5. Unforgetable moment and special memory to attend,so good..获益良多

  6. Love the class...quite a bit of extra work to get the perfect finish like what they showed us...but I supposed its worth it!

  7. Kevin, Wow! I feel honored to be featured on your blog. hehe... It is so good to meet you in person. Love your photos and thanks again for taking photos for me with the others.

  8. Such a exclusive events... ! I always love Le Cordon Bleu.. They are doing great in every aspect! ;D quay po looks so charming with her unpretentious smile... ;) hehe


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