Dec 17, 2012

Christmas Buffet Marathon @ Chatz Brasserie, Park Royal Kuala Lumpur

即将到临的圣诞节日, 不知大家会在家里搞个圣诞大餐宴? 还是会到外头享用圣诞大餐呢?

如果您选择外头用餐, 不知您会不会想在一间包含了西式火鸡圣诞餐, 中餐, 马来餐
 甚至印度餐等等的餐厅用餐呢? ahtee有好地方介绍,
 那就是位于吉隆坡Park Royal酒店里的Chatz Brasserie餐厅.

用心的餐厅, 在这圣诞前夕已把餐厅里布置得气氛满满! 让用餐的您能够感受幸福的圣诞节日, 多样化的餐单, 可以一站式的享用不同文化的美食, 自助餐消费只介于RM98++, 12岁以下的小孩征收半价, 4岁或以下的小孩一律免费!

自助美食一箩箩, ahtee都拍下了, 看看是否合大家胃口, 
要强调的是,  以下显示只是一小部分的自助美食种类, 

Chatz Brasserie
Christmas Eve Buffet Dinner
6.30pm - 10.30pm
RM 108++ per adult
RM 54++ per child*
[1 glass of cocktail/mocktail inclusive]

Christmas Day Marathon Buffet
12.30pm - 10pm
Dine away from lunch until dinner at an amazing price!
RM 98++ per adult
RM 49++ per child*
*4-12 years old
Kids below 4 years eat for free

Hot Gossip & Velvet Vendor @ Lobby
Festive Fift Boxes and Goodies
Christmas Roasts, its side orders, Christmas Mince Pie, Chocolate Log Cake and much more!!
Available from 3 - 31 December
@Hot Gossip 8am - 10pm
@Lobby 10am - 10pm

New Year [欢庆新年]
Chatz Brasserie
New Year’s Eve Buffet Dinner 新年前夕自助晚餐
6.30pm – 10.30pm
RM 108++ per adult
RM 54++ per child*
[1 glass of cocktail/mocktail inclusive随附送1杯鸡尾酒]

New Year’s Day Hi-Tea 新年叹茶
12.30pm – 4pm
RM 58++ per adult
RM 29++ per child*

Pool Bar
Let’s countdown to the New Year beneath the stars! 让我们一起倒数美好的2013!!
Poolside Carvery Night
7.30pm – 10.30pm
RM 98++ per adult
RM 49++ per child*
Klix Lounge
Groovy Night
31 December
9pm onwards
Groove the night away with a live band performing contemporary, classic jazz, pop and some country music.
Party and be merry with our fine selection of house pouring, beer, wine and spirits
**All in-house guests and diners on New Year’s Eve receive a complimentary pass to countdown at our poolside to experience the spectacular fireworks display!
还有还有!!! 所有的酒店住客和用餐者将会附送一张通行证, 让贵宾们可以一起到夜景华丽的泳池边倒数2013及观赏新年烟花燃放!!

For reservation or enquiries on any of our festive promotions at PARKROYAL Kuala Lumpur,
Please call +603 2147 0088 ext. 6613

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  1. i wanna eat the ginger bread house! hehe

    the food looks really appealing...but i think i'm gonna have home-cooked meal instead :P

  2. love the season so much! just looking at all the spread makes me feel the love for Christmas... :D

  3. I want the oyster... Yummy!!!


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